Realtime Energy Data

Solutions for real-time energy data acquisition

Seluxit Blink Sensor

A Bluetooth device that converts the blinking LED of a meter into real-time energy information.

Easy Realtime Meter data

Get an overview of your current energy consumption without hassle.

  • No PIN code for your meter is needed.
  • Infrared and visible LED indicators are supported
  • Total energy consumption
  • Current energy consumption
  • Long battery life, optional operation by power supply
  • Bluetooth data transmission

Bluetooth Gateway

Connect one or more Blink Sensors to ShowMe.

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Connect up to 10 Blink sensors to one gateway
  • Directly sends realtime data to ShowMe cloud

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Seluxit eINFO

A communication module that is plugged into an eINFO-enabled meter, thus giving real-time data accessible for end customers as well as Distribution System Operators

Easy as 1-2-3

Make an ordinary, inexpensive mME+ Intelligent by plugging in the eINFO dongle

  • End-users get an Instant Overview with real-time energy consumption data
  • Save money with an up to 50% cheaper alternative to iMSys, with added functionality and integration possibilities
  • DSO’s Gain Insight into Grid Quality with real-time data of consumption, voltage, frequency, and angle

You can add numerous services and analyses, giving you insight into your grid stability and avoid bottlenecks, and/or integrate into a customer app with energy alerts and info.

How it works

By plugging the eINFO dongle into the mME+, consumption and grid quality metrics will be securely uploaded to the cloud via WiFi where it can be accessed in the Wappsto dashboard or integrated into your ERP system

Grid Quality

The eINFO solution can send all grid-relevant data to our cloud so that distribution service operators can prioritize where the distribution grid needs upgrades or maintenance.

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