Find out where your energy is used

Add Submeters or Realtime data to increase knowledge

In order to gain the knowledge needed to reduce your energy usage, you need to know where the energy is used. This can be achieved by using submeters or a device that can collect realtime consumption data.

Where do I use my energy?

By installing a meter on relevant devices, you can find out where you use your energy. These meters are called submeters.

The more submeters you install, the more knowledge you gain.

In this example the Air compressor (Orange) and the Ventilation (Green) use a substantial amount of energy.

Which device caused the irregularity?

Submeters also enable you to find out which device accidentally wasted energy. In this example during one night the company forgot to switch off the ventilation system and the compressor.

The wasted energy during the next night is unaccounted for and would therefore require an additional submeter.

Realtime Energy

A realtime communication module installed in your meter enables you to find the biggest energy consumers. You simply switch devices on or off, one at a time, and watch how the total energy consumption changes.

Realtime Energy data also gives you the possibility to generate alarms, when the energy consumption is not in the range that it should be for a given timeframe.

Office & Home

Some smarthome solutions can measure energy. We have integrated some of the most cost efficient solutions to be used in offices and homes.

Industrial Submeters

Industrial machines use much more energy than home and office appliances. Often these machines use a different type of connector and require 3 phases.

Seluxit can connect to standard industrial submeters and send real-time energy data to the Seluxit EMS.

Business case

Using your Baseline information, you can construct a simple business case and calculate how much you can invest into an Energy Efficiency solution. For low-hanging fruit, the ROI (Return on Investment) can be as short as a few months or sometimes even only days.