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Find out how you can save up to 30%
of your annual energy consumption*

You might have noticed that the energy prices have increased severely, since the beginning of 2022. And the inconvenient truth is, that there is no end in sight for the current inflation and energy crisis.

However, one way to mitigate the energy costs in your production is through energy efficiency and optimizing your energy consumption, wherever possible.

Recently, Seluxit hosted a webinar about how you can save up to 30% energy in your production, with Seluxit EMS.

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    • Why energy efficiency makes sense for your company
    • How to detect the sources of energy waste
    • How energy analysis, reporting and automation helps save you money
    • How predictive maintenance is effective for energy optimization

The energy crisis is only getting worse – managing your energy consumption efficiently, is the safest way to save money and survive the winter.

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*These are numbers based on our own use case, where Seluxit reduced its annual consumption by 29.3%.