Energy efficiency management reduces 25% of annual baseload

The Danish software and IoT company, Seluxit, experiences the full cost benefit of energy efficiency management.The reduction results in a saving of 25% of its annual energy usage.


The Danish software and IoT company, Seluxit, experience the full cost benefit of energy efficiency management. This is because it reduced its annual idle energy consumption. The reduction results in a saving of 25% of its annual energy usage.

The energy efficiency project is executed solely by Seluxit. Initiated through the use of ShowMe, which is an energy-optimizing web application. ShowMe’s value clearly lies in its ability to display real-time energy data in detail, which provides the foundation for proper saving automation.

Amongst others, this real-time energy data provided Seluxit with a simple, yet, visually detailed overview of its; idle energy usage, consumption hours, sources of consumption, amount of kWh, and the price this equates to.

What was the problem?

Firstly, connecting psychical products to the internet requires, almost, constant access to the internet. This is, in order to monitor the various IoT builds and codings.

Secondly, Seluxit has various departments and machines. These also require energy, in order to perform optimally and run smoothly.

Thirdly, the company realized that items of amenities, such as its Friday bar refrigerator were consuming a lot of energy. Relative to when it was actually being used, that is.

Seluxit’s idle energy consumption was 1,300 kWh, during 128 hours per week, over the course of a year. This was before optimizing its energy consumption.

Realizing where and how to improve, the company imperatively reduced its baseload energy by 800 kWh, during 40 hours per week, annually.

The end result?

The project resulted in an annual baseload reduction of 25%.

As Daniel Lux says, the CEO of Seluxit, “With real-time energy data from ShowMe, it has been to implement the proper energy optimizing measures. Knowing where our energy is wasted, provided us with valuable data and variables. This is how we implemented the desired energy-efficient automation.

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