Automating the fridge made it 95% more energy efficient

This project was executed by Seluxit simultaneously with its project to energy optimize its overall energy consumption.The result was an energy reduction of 25%.

Once again, Seluxit, a Danish IoT company experiences the full force of what ShowMe has to offer. ShowMe is an energy efficiency management tool. It displays detailed energy data in real time. Subsequently, the energy data indicates where the saving potentials are.

The project was executed by the company itself. Seluxit executed this optimization project in parallel to its first energy project. Effectively, the company made its annual energy consumption more efficient. As th result, the company reduced its annual energy usage by 25%.

What was the problem?

Based on the energy data from the analysis tool ShowMe, Seluxit realized that its Friday bar refrigerator caused a lot of energy waste. In other words, the refrigerator was idle for 159 hours per week, over a course of a year.

Seluxit only needed the refrigerator to be active for 9 hours every Friday. Because, 9 hours every week is sufficient enough, to ensure cold beverages for the Friday bar.

The company had already reduced its annual idle energy consumption by 40 hours a week. Subsequently, out of these 40 hours, the company further reduces the effective hours of the refrigerator. In other words, the refrigerator is only active for 9 hours of each week.

In order to ensure that the refrigerator is during these specific hours, Seluxit connected the fridge to a smart energy plug. This type of energy plug is named Shelly. And the smart features of the Shelly plug lie within its ability to enable automation.

This is how Seluxit is able to automate its refrigerator’s active cooling hours to only 9 hours per week.

The results?

The project resulted in a 88 weekly hour reduction. Moreover, Seluxit implemented automation, in order to control the refrigerator’s weekly active hours. Meaning that it is only consuming energy for 9 hours every week.

This optimization made the refrigerator 95% more energy efficient. Equivalent to only a yearly usage of 578 kWh.

As Daniel Lux says, the CEO of Seluxit, “With real-time energy data from ShowMe, we noticed the refrigerator’s idle hours. It made no sense for it to be idle when nobody was consuming beverages. That is why we connected the fridge to the Shelly plugs. Now, we can control when it needs to be active so that we can enjoy cold drinks.”

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