Action Plan

Plan the actions and automation's needed to save energy

We can help you save energy

But you know your own company best! By making a simple plan, we can quickly help you set up your energy-saving automation, alarms, and procedures.

action plan

One-time investments

Insulating your building, modernizing machines, or changing to LED lighting are one-time investments with a lasting impact. Often energy labels exist that can help in choosing the best solution.


Sometimes procedures are enough to save a lot of energy. Solutions can be as simple as a daily or weekly routine. For example when leaving work for the weekend.

Friday afternoon procedure

1. Make sure your windows are closed
2. Make sure your door is locked
3. Make sure all lights are switched off!

wappsto alarms


The caveat of procedures is that it is human to err. When something goes wrong, you can set up alarms and act accordingly.


Reacting to alarms and implementing procedures cost valuable employee time. By automating tasks, you get more reliable and consistent results.

wappsto automations
Day Ahead Prices

Use energy when it is cheap

During the course of the day, energy prices can fluctuate significantly. Some energy usage can be shifted to times when the energy is cheap. We can help you to achieve this due to our integration with real-time energy prices.

Make a Plan

Planning Processes, Alarms, and Automations form the basis for lasting energy savings.