A simple energy efficiency management tool

With our energy efficiency management tool, ShowMe you can solve the initial challenge of optimizing your energy consumption. ShowMe provides you with real-time energy data for your company, specifically. In other words, ShowMe provides you with the data you need, in order to know where you waste your energy.

Moreover, ShowMe provides you with precise data of your idle energy consumption, as well as where the saving potentials are. And through this data, you will know exactly where to start your energy optimization process.


More than just a smart management tool

Once you subscribe to our energy efficiency solution, you get more than just a management tool.

Aside from getting an overview of your baseload energy, you also get a clear action plan with concrete saving initiatives, which will be setup and automated for you. And lastly, you also get frequent reports on these efficiency initiatives, which we will evaluate continuously on, together.

In other words, you also a team of energy experts who is there for you throughout all the steps you need.

Energy efficiency makes sense

Being able to see the distribution of your energy consumption is beneficial. That is because you have a better idea of how to optimize your overall  consumption. For instance, by consuming energy at points during the day, when energy is cheaper. Or at points where there is more capacity in energy grid.

Knowing where and how you use your energy is a very good starting point. Because a clear idea of your baseline energy consumption, leaves room to initiate relevant actionable steps, towards optimizing your annual energi consumption.

The cheapest form of energy, is the energy we do not waste. So start optimizing your energy today.

Manage your energy more efficiently.

Get an overview of your baseline energy consumption today.