Energy projections are saying that

Global electricity demand is, currently, growing by 2.7% annually. And projections are saying that by 2050, even with the growth in renewable energy, we will still be relying heavily on fossil fuels. There is no reduction in sight, actually.

The good news, however, is that energy efficiency can help us make the transition towards renewable energy cheaper. And it can help us reduce our overall energy usage.

The obstacle energy efficiency is this

One problem is, however, that there are not energy experts to help the broader populations and companies to reduce their energy. You do not know where you waste your energy. And you do not know what to do, to actually reduce your energy.

And that is because, energy efficiency requires expert knowledge, in order to implement processes and automations.

We want to help solve this problem with ShowMe.


This is our solution

We want to enable and put this into an expert system. An expert system, using AI, to detect where energy is wasted,  and where there is saving potential. Moreover, we want to develop an AI that can automate and generate automations, to save actual energy.

The green transition, towards more renewable energy, and towards electrication of industrial processes, and other demand, means that the grid will be fluctiating more and more. That is because, sometimes the wind blows and sometimes it does not.

We need a way to stabilize the grid and ShowMe can do this. With ShowMe, we can swith demand on or off, at points where you either need more or less energy, to keep the grid in balance. Because a grid in balance is a stable grid.


We are your preferred energy experts because

We have a scaleable platform that is extremely secure. Moreover, our platform is very usable. This is due to UI and UX, which enables our customers to better understand our complex technology.

We are pioneers within energy efficiency, using IoT. We have been mastering the area of IoT since 2006. Together with our team, we have proven in the past that we can implement highly complex solutions, in a short matter of time.


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